GIS Prom: Here’s how much you need to pay to enrol your child at GIS

Do you know how much the students at the Ghana International School (GIS), one of Ghana’s most costly schools, pay in tuition?
Following the release of video from a prom ceremony held at the Ghana International School, Ghanaians on social media have gone bonkers (GIS).

Photos and videos from the prom ceremony went viral earlier this week on social media, with some of the kids showcasing their ostentation.

Prom nights are a significant turning point for students and provide a “one last night” of fun for classmates before they presumably transfer to other schools to continue their education.

We looked into how much it costs to enroll a student at the school in light of the glitz displayed at GIS’ prom and the response of online users.

In contrast to the admission and tuition rates, which fluctuated as of the 2018–19 academic year, GIS students paid a fixed registration fee of $100.

Ghanaian students pay a one-time $6,000 entry fee, $2,027 in primary school tuition, $3,054 in secondary school, and $3,360 in sixth form tuition.

Long-term international students additionally pay a flat $6,500 entry fee, $2,757 in tuition every term for primary students, $3,932 for secondary students, and $4,237 for sixth-form students.

GIS Fees

While primary students pay $3,932 per term in tuition, secondary students pay $5,098 per term, and sixth-form students pay $5,429, short-term expatriate/diplomats pay $7,000 as an entry fee.

However, it should be noted that the rates shown above are for the 2018–19 academic year and may increase in 2022.


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