Klopp ‘strangles’ Bruno Fernandes after Liverpool loss to Manchester United [Watch Video]

 Klopp ‘strangles’ Bruno Fernandes after Liverpool loss to Manchester United

On the field, the Manchester United midfielder employed some time-wasting tactics as his team cruised to their first victory of the season.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp downplayed the significance of his post-game conversation with Bruno Fernandes after his club were defeated 2-1 at Old Trafford by Manchester United.

After losing to Manchester United, who scored in each half due to goals from Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford, the Reds manager was seen speaking with United’s Portuguese star while resting his hand on his neck.

However, the German manager has claimed that their argument was “animated,” instead saying that it was due to some time-wasting by Lisandro Martinez in the game.

Klopp’s response to the event

It was the most harmless talk I ever had with a guy who is certainly as enthusiastic as me at times,” Klopp remarked in his post-match news conference when asked about what happened.

Klopp’s reaction to defeat “The game started precisely as everyone expected, as United fans expected, with them chasing us. They began a little more aggressively than us; they could play the game they desired more than we could play the game we desired “he stated of Liverpool’s performance.

Jason Sancho opened the scoring for Manchester United

“They scored, and we had to defend differently, but that’s how goals work. We were there in the second half of the first half and caused them trouble. We had a lot of opportunities.

“We showed the boys at halftime a few of instances when we performed incredibly well and wanted to do it again, but then we conceded the second goal. Then we have to chase the game properly, and you can get in a hurry.

“We scored a goal that we deserved at the time, and then you have to force it; we tried, but in the end, we were not good enough, and that is why we lost. We want to fight in order to play the football that we are capable of playing. On Saturday, we have a big home game, and Anfield should be packed. We must start the fire and the rhythm.”

Liverpool’s response in the second half was limited to a late Mohamed Salah header.


SOURCE: Pulse.com.gh

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