UG:Heavy Police Presence on Campus to Prevent Vandals from Protesting the Suspension of the Hall Master and Senior Tutor [Photos]

Police in UG

The University of Ghana has a large police presence, particularly around and around Commonwealth Hall.

The University of Ghana maintains a considerable police presence, especially near Commonwealth Hall.

Commonwealth Hall inhabitants are dissatisfied with the decision to suspend their Hall Master and Senior Tutor.

Following the conflict between the Vandals and the Vikings of Mensah Sarbah Hall on August 5, 2022, the school’s administration came to this decision.

According to University Management, the two hall officials were terminated from their positions due to their refusal to assist in identifying the individuals involved in the incident that resulted in property destruction on campus on August 5.

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These officers should, therefore, in the interim, be relieved of their duties while management works with the security services to investigate the clashes, and work towards finding lasting solutions to the tensions between students of the two halls,” Management said

However, Commonwealth Hall residents have disputed the university administration’s decision, accusing them of taking sides in the case.


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