My Wife had the nerve to ask me for money for our 5-month-old child after she found out I cheated on her with a coworker and forced me to quit my job as a result

After suffering the repercussions of doing something foolish, a man turned to social media to ask for guidance.

The man described how he cheated on his wife, who had just given birth, on Facebook.

Read his full story below;

I feel like the audience will make fun of me because I’m so depressed right now, but I need their guidance anyway because I’m lost.
My wife and I have been married for three years, and our daughter is five months old. I was the head teacher of a private school in Accra, and my wife is a nurse. She commutes from the east, so she usually visits on the weekends and maybe every two weeks.
When our daughter was due, my wife underwent a CS, and she won’t let me even touch her now.

I started an affair with one of my female professors, which I’ll be the first to acknowledge was a mistake.
After my wife had departed, it came to the point where she would stop by and spend the night.
My wife confronted me when my landlord informed her of the situation.
I initially refuted the claim, but the landlady took my denial seriously when she said that she had begun uttering curses. I had no choice but to acknowledge and apologize.

The following day, my wife brought our infant to school to fight this teacher and cause a disturbance. I was fired by the owner, and I’ve been living at home for two months and two weeks.

In an effort to resolve the conflict, my father-in-law and my uncle urged me to pay my wife 500GH in restitution for defiling our marital bed, which I did, as well as to purchase a new mattress.

We began a construction project in Kasoa, and up to this point, we have been paying the bills with my salary going toward the construction and using hers to manage the house.

My primary concern right now is that my wife didn’t ask for money for housekeeping because she was aware that my salary was going to the building.
She is now requesting payment for housekeeping despite the fact that she is the sole reason I am currently unemployed. She is aware that I am not currently employed, yet she still expects me to purchase the prepaid and provide for the needs of our offspring.
Please give me some advice because I’m tired right now.


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