Shocking As Akim Oda AstroTurf is Being Used For Cow Grazing [Photos]

On social media, images of cows grazing on the recently built astroturf in Akim Oda have surfaced, raising major questions about the facility’s management.
President Akufo Addo hired the astroturf as part of his efforts to foster an environment that will help Zongo villages in the nation grow.

Many cows can be seen grazing on the artificial turf in pictures that have gone popular on social media; how they got access is another matter for discussion.

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The building was built as part of government initiatives to nurture sports potential in Zongo communities, but it has since been converted into a cattle grazing area, drawing criticism from social media users who have seen the photographs.

Similar to when journalist Saddick Adams expressed concerns about the state of the Takoradi Essipong stadium, this has reignited discussions about the subpar maintenance of sporting facilities across the nation.

With this, the Eastern Region’s Akim Oda Zongo AstroTurf managers have come under fire after animals entered the pitch.

[Photos Below]


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