UG Level 300 student described how her lecturer sexually assaulted her and gave her an STI.

A young female University of Ghana Level 300 student has revealed how his lecturer deftly forced her into having sex with her on the well-liked anonymous social media platform.

She alleges that she has developed a STI but has been unable to notify her friends or single mother because of her frequent sexual encounters with the adult male instructor, who is old enough to be her father.

The 20-year-old woman recalls how her lecturer publicly humiliated her in front of the entire class for being late for lectures, pretended to admire her thereafter, and then forced them to have sex under duress at his office outside of campus and at his large estate.
She claims that she tried to report him one day at a police station but was turned away by the officer because of how he treated her.

She also says that she has made multiple attempts at suicide as a result of the psychological and mental anguish this heinous event has caused her, but she always remembers her single mother’s difficulties and her determination to one day make her proud.



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