Women Still send their n@k3d pictures to me – Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, the founder and president of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, has stated that despite knowing he is a man of God, some ladies continue to email him sexual images of themselves.

The evangelist revealed that he has many social sites on WhatsApp and social media, so ladies take advantage of this by sending their naked images to catch his attention.

During a one-on-one interview with Anthony Dzamefe on the Father’s Day Out show, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh stated that he cannot stop these women from sending him sexual images; but, he has been able to train himself to the point where he is not moved by the women’s acts. He further stated that he has no qualms about deleting the photos.

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I believe you should pick what you want. Do I receive naked photos and movies on my phone? Yes. Do people send me videos with profanity? Yes. Do women send me naked pictures? “Yes,” he said to the host.

“I’m active on a variety of platforms.” Some lift your spirits, while others make you want to delete them the moment you see them. I’ve deleted and blocked more people on my phone than normal people.”

SOURCE: Ghbase.com

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