‘How my boyfriend flogged me with a laptop charger over Fufu’ – Lady Pastor shares her own experience with relationship abuse. [Video]

During an abusive relationship with a guy she loved who had first vowed to love and care for her, Rev. Dr. Jennifer Donkor has described how she nearly died.

She used her account of relationship violence to inspire others to leave violent partners by sharing it on Joy FM.
Rev. Dr. Jennifer Donkor claims that when she was about 23 years old, she met her first love, and what she believed would be a breeze turned into her worst nightmare.

Rev. Dr. Jennifer Donkor claimed that she had traveled from Accra to the Volta Region where she had met the young man who was her brother’s buddy.

She claimed that they got to talking and developed a liking for one another. Rev Dr. Jennifer Donkor expressed excitement about going back to Accra, so when the young man requested her to go with him, she recognized an opening.
Despite the fact that she moved in with him, her issues didn’t truly start there.
Dr. Jennifer Donkor acknowledged that the man was kind, but his issues with anger control kept him from reaching his full potential.

According to Rev. Dr. Jennifer Donkor, the first time she was physically assaulted by her boyfriend was when she was expected to prepare fufu and soup for him and six other friends.

She described the situation, saying that while she could make the soup, she was unable to pound enough fufu for six people. As a result, she texted her then-boyfriend to ask for help pounding the fufu.

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She gave an explanation for why the fufu couldn’t be pounded after the young man and his friends returned. After waiting for his friends to leave, her ex-boyfriend attacked her and gave her the beating of her life.

“He took a belt but I held the belt. So he could not get anything but a laptop charger. He beat me with a laptop charger. That time I was very stubborn so you throw one blow and I will throw another. So when he took the belt I held it and he took a laptop charger,” she said.

“I didn’t want to go to the village or Tema station. I couldn’t go because I loved this guy and I thought he will change. He didn’t change and I also couldn’t leave. One day, while in school, a lady called me to come home because the guy had brought another lady there. I took a bus from Takoradi to the house to see things for myself.

When I got there he opened the door and I saw another lady there. I told the lady to go out so I speak to my man. When I asked him why he will do that, he said he had done nothing wrong. That night he beat me blue-black and called the lady to come and sleep. We all slept on the same bed. When you’re in love you’ll do all the crazy things. When he offends and beat you up, he will come with his family members to talk to you.”

According to Rev. Dr. Jennifer Donkor, she was in that violent relationship for six years but kept it a secret from her family members due to her intense love for the young man.

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SOURCE: Ghbase.com

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