Patrick Safo, A Kumawood Star Has Passed Away

A well-known Kumawood actor named Patrick Safo, who was also a priest in real life, has passed away.

Ghanaian blogger Osei Kwabena shared the tragic news on social media. He did not, however, provide much details regarding the events that led to his passing.

He shared in a sorrowful manner;

“Kumawood actor and pastor, Rev. Patrick Safo is dead….May his soul rest with the Lord 😢😢😢😭🙏”

Osei Tutu’s mother, a Kumawood actress who passed just a few days ago, met with reporters and explained what led to her son’s premature demise.

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Tutu’s mother revealed in an interview with Ghpage TV that her son vomited nine (9) needles and blood before passing away and going to be with the angels.
She continued, saying that she had sent someone to check on her son because she hadn’t heard from him, but that she had learned that he had left for the set.

After paying a visit to her son, she subsequently learned that he was ill and alone at home. The distraught mom claimed that her son had told her that someone in the film business was out to get him.

“My son told me that someone in the Kumawood movie industry has taken him to a spiritualist to end his life. In the process, my son vomited 9 needles and blood. That happened before his death. Anytime he coughed, blood followed”, the said woman revealed.


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