I’ve been having affairs with my best friend’s husband for two years, and she is unaware of it- woman confesses.

A callous woman recently admitted on Facebook that she had been sleeping with her best friend’s husband in secret for the last two years.

The woman revealed that her best friend, who is innocent and unaware of what is happening, always informs her about the problems in her marriage.

The friend’s situation was so severe that she had to even beg her for 1000 cedis to buy food. The callous woman borrowed 1000 cedis from her friend, who returned it after a month, then went to her friend’s husband to collect the other 2000 cedis.

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The lady is pregnant for her friend’s husband, and she is sick of keeping the pregnancy a secret.

She is looking for advice on social media about how to tell her friend the news without upsetting her.

SOURCE: Ghbase.com

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